I Am Her, Empowered Woman

Women of the world
Every day is a celebration of the female form
The ladies who dare to dream
Challenge the status quo and shatter the glass ceilings
Despite the exhaustion
The frustrations of the day
She continues to march forward so not to be defeated
The mothers, business owners and creatives
Inspiring the women of tomorrow
Shaping futures with every choice
Voicing their thoughts
Engaging in debates and sharing their opinions
Every year the noise gets a little louder
Harder to ignore
We’re not a force to be reckoned with
Supporting one another wholeheartedly
This is just a reminder
Women are the future
I am her, empowered woman.

Small Blogger Empowered Woman Happy International Women's Day

The one who carried you for nine months. Raised, supported and encouraged you every step of the way. Believing in your abilities, the potential you hold, sometimes even more than yourself. Constantly pushing for you to become a better individual. Ringing you when you’re a minute late, regularly checking up. Never asking for anything in return, your happiness and achievements are enough. These women deserve the world for the unconditional love they share.

The ones we choose to be a part of our lives, share in our milestones and all the memories we create. As we grow older our circle becomes smaller. We cut ties with those who attract negativity and drama. Being mindful of who we share our secrets with, as not everyone is trustworthy. Some may only want to know the latest gossip, yet refuse to share their own.

Friendship doesn’t come easily to me
I see the zombies walking through streets
Screaming a conscious mind isn’t allowed
Frequency was low I had to rise above
Method to the madness, this is a game of survival
Happiness and freedom is everything I need
But some of you speak unnecessarily
You need your volume turned down
Your pedestal burned down
Never undermine, integrity first vow
This the type of truth that’ll make your body go numb.

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Blinded by love, this is our new beginning. The universe created us as a duo, but the power was overwhelming that we had to be separated. Soul searching on Earth for our other half, glory to the day when we’re reunited. Taking it back to school, instant chemistry, spark reignited. But marriage is much more, a beautiful concept. Working on the notion of teamwork, unconditional love and understanding. Remember to communicate, never take the other for granted.

Raising their voices, making their issues the topic of discussion. I admire the women who are challenging the status quo and sparking debates. Moving towards a brighter future through art and entertainment. Making an impact with every decision. From feminist slogans on our clothing to the messages, we share online. Adding our own perspectives by using projects to further conversations. Celebrating diversity, inclusivity, cultures and much more. Women continue to raise their voices, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

I Am Her, Empowered Woman London Lilac Fashion Blogger London Boohoo F&CK Hate Cap

Send a message to the women in your life, reminding them how much you care, admire or appreciate their presence. A small gesture can leave a lasting impression.

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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