Identity Photography Series: Classic Élan Package

Élan (noun)
Energy, style and enthusiasm.

Palm Trees Silk Blouse Landmark HotelFashion Photography Landmark Hotel

The second shoot of the series took me to Marylebone to meet the lovely Anishka. A beautiful location filled with lavish detailing, known as The Landmark Hotel. The ideal setting for capturing the beauty of each style. London has many hidden gems, it was refreshing to shoot in this venue. The energy, enthusiasm and extravagance of the hotel was a delight to experience. A classic beauty, exploring the word élan through fashion photography accompanied by empowering poetry.

Snake Print Skirt & Pink Blouse Elegant London Style Blogger

An extraordinary flair
Fierce and fabulous is what I hear
Packaged in luxury and extravagance
With a location to match
Grand stairs, high ceilings and a classic piano
Channel that exact energy
Patterns inspired by foreign lands
Colours of royalty
A representation of a goddess walks among thee
The message of today
Know your worth in a society that’s quick to forget.

Deemed as inferior to the man
Yet we’re never down for too long
An existence of constant celebration and confrontation
Possessing a power that’s beyond imagination
As she walks towards you
Moving with elegance and grace
The fire ignites from within
A foreign feeling or a sense of familiarity?
I’ll let you decide my love.

Respect is so definitive
If he can’t provide, then there’s no giving in
Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem
Dulling your own shine, what’s that going to get?
Compromises, sacrifices, these are your decisions
Don’t settle for a five when you really are a ten
Hindering your own progression
Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions
She no longer believes in love
But I believe in her and love believes in us
What was the message again?
Know your worth in a society that’s quick to forget.

Statement Jewellery & Monochrome Dress Staircase & Summer Monochrome Dress London Landmark Hotel & Fashion H&M Scarve Patterned Two Piece Grand Staircase & Patterned Two Piece

Finish this sentence – Identity for me is…

Until next time, stay fabulous,


  1. Sarbjit
    February 13, 2019 / 9:10 pm

    Beautiful photography, poetry and elegant outfits. Great post, very nice, keep going!

    • tajinder
      February 14, 2019 / 12:07 am

      Thank you dear, appreciate the kind words.


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