Monthly Favourites: October 2018

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New season, new trend alert. As temperatures lower, jumpers are becoming my go-to item, especially if they’re multi-coloured. Surprise surprise, the rainbow trend has caught my eye. It’s obvious that it would happen at some point, considering how much I adore adding colour into my wardrobe. Primark has a great range of jumpers, block colours, rainbows, animal print and more. That’s where I purchased mine from. What’s your view on the rainbow trend?

Music – Single
F*ck their opinions, be happy. I love the message being spread by Shocka and Brook Baili in Self Love. A reminder to take care of yourself first before spreading love to others. This song is refreshing, fused with beautiful vocals and a message of positivity at the core. Make happiness a priority, don’t settle or compromise. Otherwise, in a pool full of people the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Do what makes your soul smile, regardless of the comments you may receive, you weren’t put on earth to please the whole population. The journey is yours, have fun writing the story your way.

Music – Album
Without a doubt, it has to be the Afrobeats Mix by Major Lazer. Taking inspiration from Africa, the featured artists span from all across the continent. Recognising popular names from South Africa, Nigeria and Nairobi. Each instrumental will make you want to dance. It’s hard to choose a favourite song, as each brings a unique flavour differentiating from the other songs on the album. What are your thoughts on the album?

My friend introduced me to an LA-based YouTuber who goes by the name MacDoesIt since that day I’ve been watching his videos every time he uploads. He’s hilarious, laid-back and genuine, is there a better combo? He’s inspiring me to start my own YouTube channel, without overthinking or letting opinions sway my thoughts. As long as I’m happy with the end product, hitting the upload button should be easy. Thank you Mac, for being your fabulous fierce self!

I discovered Ali Siddiq whilst searching for stand up comedy on YouTube. The first video I came across was prison riot, this is not happening. Ali’s a natural storyteller, sharing moments of his life with his audience, especially revolving around his prison experience. I went on to watch his Comedy Central special, bigger than these bars. One part, in particular, caught my attention, the topic of mental freedom, not allowing outside elements to dictate your inner freedom.

Personal Moment
I had a birthday, does that count? I celebrated by attending a drag show hosted by Rascals. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew I wanted to do something different. It was an eventful night, to say the least, the performances were amazing. The Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child performances were my favourite. From the costumes to the high energy, all you wanted to do was sing along with just as much passion. The best way to celebrate a new chapter was through laughter, dancing and good company.

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What were some of your favourite things during October?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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