What I Wore: London Style In Prague

Prague View From Petrin Hill

London girl in a foreign land
A different culture, language and cuisine
How did she cope?
But more importantly, what did she wear?
With temperatures reaching over 30
Sweat dripping
It was hard to manage
Bringing the sauce with each outfit
Mixing bold prints with neutral palettes.

About a week ago, I went on a city break with my girl gang to Prague. Let’s be honest, the British within me was not ready for the heat. I checked the weather prior to our departure, but it seems the number didn’t register. As soon as I stepped out of the plane, the heat slapped me into reality, thoughts running through my mind, take the denim jacket off, what were you thinking? From that moment on, crop tops were my saviour during the day, casual yet cute. I find plain crop tops boring, I usually opt for slogans and eye-catching prints that add personality to an outfit. The slogans I wore in Prague were true love never lasts, love is love, and empower women. Although missing the Pride celebrations by a day, I would deem these appropriate as they either spread positivity or speak about love.

It took flying to Prague to capture the beauty of my favourite daytime look. It might not have been the ideal choice for climbing down a steep hill, but that’s a story for another day. The pairing of my empower women crop top works effortlessly with my pink patterned pants. I styled the outfit with my newest baseball cap that has F**K Hate written on it, colour matching it to the crop top. Strong slogans or common sense? Either way, I’m having fun wearing both as we need more love in the world. When it comes to footwear, my favourite summer trend is chunky trainers, although I don’t own a pair, trainers excite me. Most of my outfits were worn with trainers, mainly due to the cobblestone pavements, but I wasn’t complaining.

Petrin Hill Prague London Style Mirror Maze Prague London Style Tourist In Municipal House Prague

Crop Top from H&M
Cap from BOOHOO
Trainers from PRIMARK
Tote from LFW

What are your views on crop tops and slogan t-shirts?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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