What Are Your Thoughts On Social Media?

Social Media
disconnected, disenchanted, disrespected.

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We’re constantly bombarded with perfect Instagram feeds, flat-lays and success stories. However, we never witness the struggles, cries or failures. Reality isn’t shown in the online space. It’s a fantasy yet we can’t help but continually scroll through feeds and compare highlight reels to our bloopers. For me personally, I like showing the behind the scenes on my feed, the process and everything in between. It shows authenticity, highlighting the reality of the product, post or collaboration. A lot of time, effort and work goes into creating a post with substance, videos of high-quality content and photography showcasing a particular topic. Though at times such skills get undermined.

According to We Are Social, in 2018 there are 3.196 billion global social media users.

We get stuck in the allure of glossy images and flawlessly crafted captions. But could this be damaging? They only remind us of the things we want, dreams we once had and the life we settled for. Well, I dare you, I dare you to have wild thoughts, we hold so much potential that we either forget or regulate it, so as not to upset those around us, but stop. The opportunity is here, step out of the average zone, hustle harder than you ever have before, but there’s a catch, there’s a timeframe attached. If we had three months to start our progress, how hard would you work for it? How would you want the results to manifest?

I felt too comfortable with my current situation, delaying work until tomorrow, procrastinating and generally switching off the boss mentality that laid within me. Can you relate? Anytime you feel low, remind yourself, we all have achievements, don’t undermine them by comparing yourself to someone who’s in a different race to you. Recently, I’ve been more organised, creating content calendars, scheduling socials and generally organising my time better. It feels refreshing to be ahead of my weekly schedule, yes sis, I’m getting my life.

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What are your views on social media?

Until next time, stay blessed,

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