In-flight Essentials For Long-Haul Flights

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Travelled all around the world, seen so many beautiful sights. Whilst sitting on the JBR Open Beach (2017), looking out towards the Persian Gulf, a thought occurred. Dubai reminded me of the tiny place I occupied on this earth. This occurred again in Prague whilst looking at the city from Petrin Hill (2018). Gustave Flaubert said it best, travel makes you modest. Life continues, with or without our existence, do something of value and leave your mark in the history books. Travelling regularly on long-haul flights, there are a few in-flight essentials that can make the journey bearable, even enjoyable.

The first thing I would recommend is earphones, the music enthusiast couldn’t resist. Whether enjoying in-flight entertainment or music on your phone, bring your own earphones as the ones they provide lack quality. I tend to buy bass enhanced or noise-cancelling earphones as these are two qualities I require for an enjoyable listen.

Refillable Bottle or Water
It’s no surprise that travelling can dehydrate the body and the small cups provided in-flight just don’t quench the thirst. Either buy a bottle of water in duty-free or bring a refillable bottle. Ask the cabin crew nicely and they’ll tend to fill the bottle as it makes their job easier tending to your thirst.

Mints & Cherry Drops
Feeling nauseous or a nervous flyer? Speaking from personal experience, I would recommend mints or cherry drops. Especially during takeoff and landing, they work wonders.

Hand Sanitiser
Planes can be a breeding ground for germs, be prepared by adding hand sanitiser into your hand luggage. Use it whenever you feel necessary, particularly when you’re about to eat or touch your face. I always have hand sanitiser with me, it’s only my in-flight essentials, it’s a daily need.

A Pen
For a more practical than creative reason. Most likely if you’re flying on a long haul flight you’ll receive the immigration card in-flight. Get ahead of the game and slide through immigration by filling your card out in-flight. If you do lend your pen to other passengers keep an eye on it.

Roll On or Oil
Confined space, overwhelming smells. The scent from the toilets despite the best effort of the cabin crew or the aroma of the food can trigger nausea for me. By dabbing a few drops of oil or a roll on fragrance on my wrist, neck and behind my ears allows for a better travel experience. I still adore my Lola’s Apothecary pocket oil that I received at a blogger’s event last year. The light scent of rose relaxes me instantly.

Lip Balm
I touched on dehydration earlier. Focusing on the beauty aspect keep your lips plump and hydrated with a stick of lip balm. Bonus benefit of having a stick of lip balm is that you avoid germs.

Fluffy Socks
Comfort is key in a long-haul flight, keeping your shoes on for the flight is not ideal. Fluffy socks allow you added warmth and protection from the cold cabin air and filthy floors. Walk down the aisle, do a few stretches and feel relaxed. Yet if you’re heading to the bathroom, you may want to grab those shoes – it’s never a pretty sight.

A Jacket or Blanket
If I’m not enjoying in-flight entertainment, then I’m usually trying to sleep. A cosy jacket or blanket warms me up and sends me to dreamland. A window seat plus a hooded jacket is a recipe for great sleep, as you’re in your own little world and protected from the cold air.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste
If sleep is involved, simply add a travel toothbrush and toothpaste into your beauty bag. As when you wake you’re going to freshen up, don’t rely on mints or chewing gum they won’t deliver results.

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These are my in-flight essentials, that I can’t travel without, is there anything I missed, what would you take with you?

Until next time, stay fabulous,


    • tajinder
      August 29, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      You’re welcome dear, honestly, so do I, I want to bring my whole house, haha.


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