How To Pack Hand Luggage For A City Break

Artistic Autumn Floral Suitcase

That time again, the dilemma of choosing what to pack, is the whole wardrobe not an option?
A city break, a few days away, surely packing light is possible
But the other side contests, I need options
Now I’m sitting here confused
Where do I begin?
What are the necessities, basics and high priority on the list of any travel blogger?
I need help, the stylist within me wants everything
But somehow, I packed, it wasn’t a total mess.

I made a system when thinking about outfits because your girl has to look cute on holiday but hand luggage only means I got to be decisive. I calculated it to four evening outfits, three daytime outfits and two pyjamas, sounds simple enough right? But then I packed and saw a neutral colour palette, where were the prints, colours and textures? Apparently chilling in my closet. Rethinking the outfits, to include colour yet remain comfortable was a challenge for the daytime looks. Searching through my wardrobe I found oversized t-shirts that I hardly wore, so my solution was to cut it up – yes you need to cut it.

Think about your itinerary as footwear is important. A major part of my trip includes exploring, meaning comfort in the form of trainers or sandals (depending on the temperature). Slides for indoors and as the evening rolls around, we remember the night is young, we like to dress up and dance our lives away like YCee. The dancefloor is calling, stilettos aren’t welcome, comfort is needed. What to do for this occasion? Set your eyes on chunky heels as they tend to win. The heel that makes dancing a breeze, sends confidence to a hundred and surrounded by good vibes only.

– my trusty camera, how else am I going to get the shots?
– iPod for all my musical needs whilst abroad
– and my phone, purely for social media
Remember the chargers though, otherwise, after a day the battery is dead and they’ll be useless.

Other things I require whilst away, cosmetics. Mainly consisting of lipsticks, mascara, moisturiser and a form of fragrance. See I can travel light, or I was forced to cut back but we’ll go with the former. Other things I added were for styling purposes, caps to keep the sun/rain away and a handbag when pockets aren’t involved.

What would you pack for a city break?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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