Trendy Floral Boohoo Wrap Dress

Fashion Photography Wrap Dress

Flawed yet still worthy
Rewinding back to the heatwave
The smiling sun coming out to play
Flowers shine with laughter as we naturally glow
But the question arises, what to wear in this weather?
Dress season yet still looking for inspiration
The phrase nothing to wear comes to mind
Social media must have the answer
Hashtags, videos, and beautiful imagery
Embracing the summer feeling
Consumed with one thought
It’s in the title, full of vibrancy
The epitome of summer, a seasonal trend
Delivering island vibes, can you guess what it is?

The dress of my dreams, complimenting my figure I’m obsessed with wrap styles since the day it arrived. Am I saying too much, can you not relate? Once appreciating the bodycon style, it’s time to make the switch, replace my previously loved clothing with summer flows. Each summer I have a go-to dress, last year it was a floral piece that I purchased in Dubai, that seems to have disappeared. The colour and floral print meshed together well, yelling ultimate summer in a light material and I felt confident. This year nothing seemed to stand out, I was searching online and on the rails of high street favourites.

Flowers and Prints

Ay Caramba
Let’s tango baby
Cause for celebration
The search is over
The dream dress has arrived
Staring straight into my eyes

That all changed last week when Boohoo answered my wishes. Honestly, a huge thank you for gifting me a beautiful *dress that will be worn again and again, on holiday to be exact. When looking through their dress collection, I had to factor in what style, colour and fit suits my body. The answer was simple, staring at me the whole time, a wrap dress. Flattering my curvy pear-shaped figure, adjustable to most body types and moves beautifully. In other words, the effortless nature of the wrap dress will have me feeling like the world is my runway, as I casually strut my stuff.

Summer Dress & Fountain

Pretty lady
Colour me crazy
Personality shining
Let the dress do the same

Ticking many boxes, I can’t help but be excited whilst telling you about my new floral baby. An important factor to consider is colour, does it compliment your shade, add drama to a look or more simply, does it make you smile? If you hadn’t noticed colours matter to me, with that in mind my dress needed to have a pop of colour signifying summer. The red works flawlessly as it represents love, warmth, courage and excitement, all positive qualities. If that wasn’t enough, the neutral colours allow the wrap dress to be worn across seasons, with a few style changes.

Floral Wrap Dress

Seasonal styling
Let me guide the way
Inspiring for another day

New season, new look yet familiar weather. In autumn I would pair a floral dress with over the knee peep-toe boots, as the dress has a high-low cut it adds to the sex appeal in a classy way. Summer styling involves one key element, comfort, the need for practicality in an outfit especially when running around London is a must. My summer style inspiration was based on colour matching, accessorising by using colours from the dress. I paired my dress with grey trainers (comfort), a red handbag (practicality) and cinnamon statement earrings (flavour). This look can be ideal for a picnic in the park or a casual lunch date, just remember to live your best life.

Wrap Dress Style Inspiration

What’s your summer style staple?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. Anything marked with a * was either sent or gifted to me by companies to try out and possibly review. I only accept products that I think I will use, thereby giving an honest review,  all opinions are my own.

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