Figuring Out Life, What’s The Next Stage?

What have you been doing?
Silence awaits me
No reasonable answer to justify the results
Time escapes, it’s mid-August already
I hear a voice echoing in my ears
Don’t be goofy bring some passion to the table
There’s no time to run and hide
It’s now or never, fight mode
Surviving isn’t an option anymore
It’s been a minute since I trusted anybody
Stepped out of my comfort zone and became a somebody.

Reflecting over the past year, this question has been rattling around in my mind for a while, can you tell me what’s the next stage?

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How do I progress? What do I want in life? And then it hit me, I have no definitive goal, just a vague idea in which direction I want to head in. But waking up with no purpose, misusing energy and hoping to reach a milestone is laughable. One thing I was certain about was this blog, my little place on the internet. To grow, expand and head in new directions. That led me to think about my brand, consistency and how I can gain traffic in a time where YouTube and podcasts are capturing the minds of many and blogs seem to be a dime a dozen. But that doesn’t deter me, rather it makes me want it even more. To think outside of the box, expand creative ideas and work on other projects.

Stepping back, looking at the year from a different perspective, in comparison to 2017 I became closed off, cut ties and isolated myself this year. Holding myself back, much more disconnected, but nonetheless, there are still a few achievements under my belt for 2018. With this in mind, there are roughly four months remaining, mentality shift, I vow to positively change one conversation at a time. Digging deep within to the soul that resides, guiding me through life and bursting with passion. Plans manifest when the timing is right, the hard work is there and consistency is clear. Slowly creating a brand that I’m proud of, steadily growing, right now the aim is to reach further. Extend a hand to others, change my environment to stimulate the mind, form new ideas and execute existing plans to reach the next stage.

Adopting a morning routine to make the best out of my 24 hours. Yes, you heard correct, the night owl becomes the morning butterfly, soaring the skies to conquer the day. Listing my three main goals for the remainder of the year made my daily tasks clearer. Waking up to a purpose, a goal to achieve and a deadline to hit. One thing in common, they all required the confidence to go ahead, the mentality to know it’ll be a success regardless of the outcome. Talking to those around me, hearing their daily hustle shook me back to reality. The rudeness of not progressing while others followed their dreams only began motivating me to level up.

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What’s the next stage in your life?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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