Discover What Inspires My Fashion Identity

Discover What Inspires My Fashion Identity

We crave to look good
Believing in the magic of style
And the adventures that are attached
But don’t get stuck in the past
That you can’t move forward
Recycle your outfits but always experiment
Be honest with yourself
Can you truly rock it?
The right style will look effortless
Worn with pride and confidence
Comfortable and complete
Well done, you just discovered your fashion identity
The same identity I approach in three ways
The one that helps me think
Embraces every curve and quirk
Places a smile on my face
The complex, multi-meaning being.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word fashion? Eccentric personalities, designs fit for the catwalk or the boujee industry that’s finally accepting diversity. For me, the simple answer is individuality. As it’s an art that allows us to externalise our personality, in order for the world to perceive us the way we desire. Every morning a blank canvas greets us, waiting for creativity to unfold. It depends on our mood, the occasion and what message we wish to scream to the world that day. Inspiration lies everywhere, in the beautiful coloured houses to the vibrant people chilling on the block. Learn what shapes my personal style as I guide you through three identities.

Smiles, Stripes and Sun

the royal stance full of vibrancy, all held in a name, kaur.
Let’s take it back to the roots, the motherland, the culture that raised us to become successful individuals. When it comes to fashion my admiration of colour comes from my Punjabi heritage. Entranced by the bright colours, bold prints and glamour. It’s empowering to rock an outfit inspired by the culture, whether it’s a traditional Patiala suit or statement desi jewellery. Style has always been a social experience as it brings compliments, questions and inspiration but we need to do more. The fashionista in me adores the clothing, but the message is more important. The generation of today, everyone’s looking for likes, upload, double tap, but what’s that solving? Before you write off a culture, learn the history, sometimes the colours are there to mask a dark past. For example, some of the massacres in India, Jallianwala Bagh massacre (1919), Partition of India (1947) and Sikh Genocide (1984).

influenced by the culture and the music that surrounds it.

The section to speak about all things streetwear, but I’ve done that before in-depth. Have I got anything new to say? Perhaps not. Let’s switch the narrative, focus on the attitude that accompanies it than the actual style. The streets teach unwavering confidence, the power to speak up, challenge the status quo and pursue a dream relentlessly. One thing to remember as knife crime increases, the streets will never love you. Gang-gang should be on a slogan tee, not which side you’re representing.

the female version of a hustler.
This is how we turn up, Queen B stance, overdressed? I think not, we came to shine. Make yourself a priority, focus on you, your happiness before worrying about the opinions. Life of a fashionista seems to revolve around labels, let’s distance ourselves. Maintain a balance of style and savings, I can happily stunt in highstreet purchases yet look like I’m dripping in gold. Luxury pieces are beautiful, price tag not so much, imagine the pain when your white Gucci bag is covered in wine. Be savvy with your purchases.

Miss Pap Stripe Co-ord

Co-ord from MISS PAP.

I wave my flag for all three, they may not be perfect but that’s what represents me – the complex, contradicting creative.

What’s your fashion identity?

Until next time, stay fabulous,


  1. Sarbjit
    July 2, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    I like your style, good work keep it up.

    • tajinder
      July 3, 2018 / 8:37 pm

      Thank you!


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