How To Style A Little Black Dress In Summer

Mascara and Lipstick Summer Makeup

a classic among dresses
styled up or down
chicness is all that remains
switch up the look
brave the heat
t-shirt or wrap dress
discover how to stay fabulous
the topic of the day
a little black dress in summer.

We all have those moments where colour overpowers us and we retreat towards darker shades. Don’t let that discourage you, embrace it. Reach for a little black dress (LBD) in any style that makes you comfortable, then proceed to follow my five tips that could take your summer look to the next level. Let the glow prosper and then the confidence prevails.

PLT Printed Scarf

Top Knot
Rising temperatures, hot commutes, hair running wild, not sure what to do? Well, the top knot works wonders, here to serve looks and solve the dilemma of how to look cute yet cool in this weather. Slick back the rest of your hair to give attention to the knot, frizzy hair will ruin the look as odd strands will stand up.

Sassy Scarf
Add some spice to the look, flavour, personality. Inspired by the 90s and Audrey Hepburn I opted to elegantly tie the scarf around my neck, double knot and slightly uneven. Get creative, who needs a necklace when you have a scarf? If I wore a t-shirt dress I’d be rocking it Tupac style, making my inner hip-hop child ecstatic. However, with a floaty wrap dress, I’d switch it up and add it to the handle of my handbag. From these three styles, which one appeals to you the most?

Floral Footwear
Floral prints are the epitome of spring and summer. Every detail counts, rather than having plain footwear, try peep toe heels with embroidered florals on the side. That was my staple show for summer ’17 and it was from Primark, however, I’m still looking for the perfect heel for this year, any suggestions? For the laid-back girlie in the t-shirt dress, I suggest white trainers. Plain or patterned that’s up to you, but white for several reasons. It adds a layer of chicness, implies summer feeling and goes with most outfits, are you convinced yet?

Dainty Jewellery
Recently I’ve been loving simplicity, more specifically, gold dainty jewellery. Light-weight, stylish and has an air of summer around it. Looking on Instagram, I’m not alone, a majority seem to adore the necklace layering style – we’ve all seen the upside down rose, perhaps even added it our basket and then at the last minute changed our minds. No, just me? Well, let’s segway on to the man of the moment, hoop earrings have caught my eye this summer, I’ve got four pairs, all unique in their own way or so I’ve convinced myself.

Minimal Makeup
This weather calls for moisturiser, suntan lotion, mascara and lipgloss. Anything more, I can’t cope as I feel my face is melting, one word, sweat. With that being said, for summer, I always opt for colourful lip products, to complete the look. It may not be a full face but a pop of colour on the lips makes me feel confident on another level.

Little Black Dress In Summer


What’s your go-to summer style?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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