The Secret Guide to Dressing an Hourglass Figure

Confidence is what I wish to inspire in my readers, we all have those moments where we may lack this quality. However, when it comes to style, I urge you to experiment, discover new forms of expression and look fabulous. Don’t hide behind dull colours or oversized clothing, it’s ill-fitting and you’re worth more than that. Today it’s my pleasure to introduce a guest post by Amy Mia, the secret guide to dressing an hourglass figure.

Ah, all those gorgeous women with the kind of figure we all crave. Aside from being generally fabulous, women such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian West, and even iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, share one thing in common – the coveted, sultry and overall fabulous hourglass figure. It doesn’t matter whether you have those outdated ‘perfect proportions’ 90-60-90, or just the general shape regardless of what the measuring tape says, you should consider yourself lucky as you have been graced with the most gorgeous silhouette of all time.

Now, in order to truly show off those curves and not let them go unnoticed, one must pay attention to what the women who are in the know are wearing in order to highlight all their best features. Unfortunately, even this figure can be hidden and overlooked in the wrong clothes, so we’ll try to help you find the most flattering clothes and re-discover your personal style.

Define The Waistline
Although boxy and oversized jackets and blazers are all the rage now, along with everything else oversized, this isn’t a trend you should follow. One of your best features is your waist and you don’t want anything drowning it, so always, with no exceptions, wear a fitted blazer, a trench coat with the belt tightened, and when winter comes, classic fitted coats. The same goes for your basic tops. Be sure to avoid such design embellishments as ruffles, at least in the chest area, as this may add unwanted volume and pull focus from your waist. Only if you have a small chest, can you use fabric in this way to add a little volume, but just enough so that your main asset still has the spotlight.

Define The Hourglass Waist

Mind The Proportions
If your hips and shoulders are at least of approximately equal width, you want to make sure you’re wearing garments that show that off – you don’t want something that minimizes your shoulders and makes the hips even wider or vice versa – proportions are everything. Therefore, if you’re wearing cute dresses or a playsuit, especially wrap or belted ones, (small and medium-size belts are the best) you want to make sure the sleeves are ruffled in case the dress is voluminous and the playsuit is looser and wide in the thigh area. The same goes for the opposite situation – if the dress is sleeveless or with fitted sleeves, the bottom part should be narrow as well. Your waist will be emphasized in both cases, and you will have achieved a proportioned look.

The Perfect Jean
Those wide hips need something that will hug them just right, so always look for high-waisted jeans that go all up to your belly button. Now, even though the likes of Ashley Graham don’t care what society says about curvy girls not being able to pull off skinny jeans – if you’ve got the confidence to rock them, by all means, do it. If however, your thighs are a cause of insecurity (which they shouldn’t be), bootcut and flared jeans are technically your best friends, as the width of the flare pulls focus from the hips and makes everything look perfectly proportioned.

Ditch The Rules
We’re mentioning Ashley Graham again, but we can’t help it – she’s just fabulous, and a complete style rebel who tells us that there are situations in which we should and must break the social norms. So, wear pencil skirts, let them cling to your thighs and hips that show off every curve. You’ve got cellulite – who cares, we all do, don’t let that stop you from wearing above-the-knee skirts. Also, just like Ashley, don’t be afraid of rocking a crop top if you feel like it. A high-waisted pencil skirt or flared jeans, wedges and a cute crop, and you will be sizzling hot. If you have that tiny little waist, go rock a sports bra with an open hoodie – show those abs and that petite waist.

That Perfect Neckline
Although turtleneck tees are fine, they have never been truly fashionable, so why would you wear them if you don’t like them? Instead, go with an even more flattering V neck for blouses, tees and dresses. These work wonders for your figure, particularly if you’re a tad bustier – the neckline has the power to visually minimise the chest area, but you can always go for a more plunging V-neck if you’re below a C cup and you want to create the illusion of a bigger cup size.

Lingerie On The Mind
The right undergarments have the absolute and utter power to make or break any look. When your bra is cutting into your back, no T-shirt, blouse or dress will look great. This is why you should always look for bras with a wide back, wide straps and ones with super-supportive cups. If you can find the kind with the seamless back that won’t cut into you, all the better. Great lingerie is an investment, but one that is completely worth it. The same goes for panties – don’t choose the ones that are a size too small or that cut into your skin creating four buttocks instead of the original two. Seamless underwear is always best, even if we’re talking about Spanks.

Lingerie Hourglass Figure

Fabrics Are Everything
Going back to Ashley, we are advised to look for thicker fabrics that offer a lot of stretch power like neoprene and spandex, but there are more options for curvy girls. For example, elastane, jersey, high-quality cotton and cotton/elastane blends, as well as fine knits and silk. The choice is yours, know what works for you, what you’re comfortable in and most importantly have fun decorating your body with fine garments.

We think you got the gist, you’re now ready to switch up your look, alter and improve it to look and feel happier in your own skin because every woman deserves that.

What are your top tips for styling your figure?

Until next time, stay fabulous, 

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