An Ode To Red Pants

The cover of glossy magazines ask
What shape are you?
Pear is what my subconscious replies
Yet I bruise as easily as apples
In certain angles, an hourglass appears
It comes down to perception
Always reaching for my go-to items
Comfortable in pants, midi skirts and bardot tops
Stylists advise based on body type
Don’t wear prints or bold colours
They’ll draw attention
But rules are meant to be broken
The sassy diva comes out to play
Here’s the plan of action
We’ll rock it with confidence
What’s your favourite style piece?
Again my subconscious screams out
This is an ode to them
Red pants.

Have you ever spontaneously bought a pair of pants and instantly fell in love? The fit, how it lays upon your curves and even the bright colour makes you happy. It seems anytime I go out I reach for my trusty red pants, I think it’s official, I’m obsessed with this purchase. A pair of red sports luxe pants, the proof is scattered on my blog, Instagram and Twitter. As I was scrolling through pages upon pages of clothing on LOTD, they stood out to me. They look cute, great value for money but will I be able to make them work?

Styling is self-expression. A message to the world, the people you pass on the street and the friends you’re off to meet. One thing you need to be certain about is your body. Know what works, what you should avoid and what makes you feel beautiful. High-waisted pants work for me, you’ll never catch me in clothing that sits on the hips. It covers the midriff, shapes the bottom and soft material makes anyone feel comfortable. There are various ways to style these statement pants, either demand attention or keep it casual. Colour matching works well, add a red crop jumper, bodysuit or bardot top and a pair of black heels. The simplicity will ooze instant chicness, IG style and you’ll feel fabulous as your strut down the street. For a laid-back city girl aesthetic, swap the heels for trainers, and stick to a monochrome theme with a striped top.

Images by Jessica Mendes

What item are you loving right now?

Until next time, stay fabulous,


  1. Sarbjit
    May 31, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    Very nice.

    • tajinder
      June 4, 2018 / 3:38 pm

      Thank you beauty!


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