Does A Daughter’s Voice Matter?

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Do her decisions matter?
Or are they mere thoughts said to the universe
Yet zoned out by those around
Leaving her country was not easy
Searching for home
In movies and the international food aisle
What made her leave?
The economy, job opportunity or the luxury of travel?
Unfortunately, none of the above
Arranged marriage was written in her stars
A family in search of a better life
All she kept hearing
On repeat
Day after day
Marry someone abroad
Your life will be set
But little did they know
Struggle and hardship were around the corner
A vulnerable daughter who never asked for any of this
She had to toughen up quick
Boarding a plane to a country that only wants to spit her out
To a family who refuses to accept her existence
Where was the husband?
What made him marry again?
Amongst all her lows
She had a warrior mentality and a heart of gold
Full of faith
Trust the process a voice said
Even when it’s tough, keep on pushing that’s the concept
Blessings began manifesting in the form of a baby
Decisions had to be made
And that was her cue to leave
This environment was not ideal for a child
With courage on her side
She took the first step and headed to a new city
Setting up a life, ready to take on the world
Like clockwork, the family began calling
Looking for handouts
Send me money, a voice cried over the phone
Did they ever ask how she was?
Was this the only reason to contact their daughter?
Enduring countless trials and tribulations
A loveless marriage
Financial struggles
A child coming into the world
Family asking for money
Stressed was an understatement
Yet she came out stronger
Every. Single. Time.
God bless the heaven that sent her
Back to reality
The motivations that created these situations
Paper trails
Money was the root of all people
Everyone had bills to pay
Yet the easy life is what some craved
Money was respected higher than a daughter’s love
Until old age came knocking
Reliving the happy memories
Regrets were in their hearts
Yet silence was all that remained
Enjoy the beautiful nightmare
Love don’t live here anymore.

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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