What Does Streetwear Mean To You? 

Fresh Cassey Gan Designs

Comfort, practicality and a hint of sass
Hip-hop culture influencing styles
Remember the ’90s
How could you forget?
We’re reviving the fashion era
Celebrities sporting big brands
Clothing laced with slogans and logos
Bucket hats, bumbags and big hoop earrings
What statement is being spread?
Why did we decide to revive it now?
So many questions but where are the answers?

The catwalks have been blessed with 90s goodness, taking inspirations from prints, styles and accessories, however, all I’m wondering is when will it be over? A blast from a past can be nostalgic, but I’d love to see something refreshing, more in tune with 2018. I recently began watching Project Runway, season 16 to be precise, two designers caught my eye, they even had a bromance, Kentaro Kameyama and Brandon Kee excited me every time they presented their designs. They both grew throughout the season, claiming their design identity and brand aesthetic. Kentaro – also known as the winner of the season – offers sleek edgy designs that would appeal to the modern classy woman. Brandon’s aesthetic would be classed as streetwear with an edge, playing with proportions, layering and detailing. Both designers create interesting concepts that any client would adore their final product.

Streetwear is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way to express a message. No matter your message or cause there’s a piece of design and pop culture that you can rock. Whether it’s championing female empowerment through popular slogan t-shirt the future is female or doing it for the culture (and film representation) by wearing a denim jacket screaming Wakanda forever with a portrait of Shuri (seen in Lady Leshurr’s Black Panther freestyle). If bold isn’t your style, you can take the subtle approach through accessories. A necklace with a statement or a handbag with attitude. Going back to the original question, I will always cheer comfort and practicality in an outfit, spreading a message is an added bonus, plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

LFW Presentation Cassey Gan Statement Streetwear Accessory

Designs by CASSEY GAN

What does streetwear mean to you?

Until next time, stay fabulous.

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