Hip-Hop: Transcending Borders

Red Sports Luxe Street Style

loud and proud
a global phenomenon
trying to survive the culture of the streets
pent-up aggression for an unjust system
hailing from the struggles
life challenges, misunderstood and full of emotion
expression through the arts
trying to be a provider
a hustler’s mentality
profit from the craft
turned into a business
sponsorships, branding and product placement
rewind it back to the basics
authentic rhymes
it’s a different state of mind
psychologically active
educating the listeners
heart on my sleeve
sharing the inner me
excluding no truths
break free from the trance
upcoming or established
hear the hunger in their voices
searching for raw potential
I looked beyond the city
beyond the borders
discovering a pool of talent
shining the spotlight on artists from around the world
do you have what it takes to be featured?
or simply curious?
welcome to my new series
hip-hop: transcending borders

Growing up on hip-hop, the culture raised me, letting my mind relax and imagination wander as I listened to stories, personal philosophies and truths of the world. In a time where drill music is flourishing, I wanted to share the joys of hip-hop, the happiness I experienced by feeding my mind and reading between the lines. One post wouldn’t suffice, I had to take it worldwide, jumping from country to country, sharing five artists I believe deserve recognition for their craft, with sharp lyricism, flow and delivery. It’s a celebration of a genre that appeals to a wide demographic, regardless of language or subject matter. As music is what connects us. Through this series, wisdom, strength and happiness are what I hope you receive. A gift in a harmonious package, whether that’s through discovering a new artist, your next favourite song or a whole playlist, the choice is yours.

Initially, I was going to share the first country today but I wanted to give context to this series. As we fly all around the world, where will our journey begin? Attention all passengers, our first destination is near. Based on Kendrick’s portrayal of Wakanda, can you guess what country it is?

Blindly In Love Beyoncé Hip-Hop Top

Photography by SARE

What’s your favourite thing about hip-hop?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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