How I Deal With Anxiety In 2018

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Moment of truth
A walking contradiction
Outgoing one minute
Anti-social the next
Filled with anxiety
Unrational thoughts swirling
With a hint of paranoia
Logic seems to run out the door
Sometimes I’m high
Other times I’m low
Can you relate
Or am I just talking about myself
Look into my eyes
Tell me what do you see
It’s been a long time since I’ve been me
That feeling of unease
All due to situations
Sweaty palms
Can’t leave the house
Forever alone in my mind
Detached from the world
I’m a lost soul
I’m whatever you made me
Let me say no more

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Anxiety {noun}
an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.

Anxiety seems to be a buzzword on the tip of most tongues, conversations varying from financial worries to social unease. We have mental health to thank for shining a spotlight and bringing awareness to the matter that was once unknown of. Did you know according to Glamour’s recent survey 75% of us felt anxious? Rather than focusing on the triggers, I wanted to share a few ways I personally handle anxiety. Keep in mind we’re all different, some of these activities may not work for you.

Word to Saudi, I could never abracadabra my pain away but Bob Marley said it best, when the music hits you, you feel no pain. The stories revealed to mood-altering instrumentals, an infatuation with music occurred when I was little. Feeling connected and genuinely happy at that moment.  When overthinking begins, a distraction is needed, focusing on the voice of the artist tears me away from my swirling thoughts.

If you’re like me a change of scenery is necessary, clear your mind by immersing in nature, take a walk to your local park, garden or forest. Take a friend or put your headphones in and enjoy your own company, whatever you decide, be present and enjoy the moment.

Find a quiet space, light some incense, and create an environment of calm and serenity. Clear your mind and focus completely on breathing, long deep breaths, in and out. I use Nag Champa incense sticks as the smell instantly transports me to a state of calm, reminding me of prayers and the Gurdwara.

Similar to music it’s a form of escapism, getting lost in another realm. I know when I read I get invested in the story, the characters and the outcome, wanting to know what happens next. That’s why I tend to stray away from tv series as my curiosity wins and I end up binge watching the season.

Letting your thoughts out whether through writing, talking to a friend or participating in a creative activity can be helpful, it feels like a weight has lifted when you actually embrace the emotions. I’m saying this from experience, writing is what helps me, I like writing creative poetic pieces. Why not become an artist for a day, see what you create and discover, it’s therapeutic.

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How do you deal with anxiety?

Until next time, stay fabulous

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