February Feel-Good Favourites Playlist

Stripes, Florals and Good Music

Music has gotten me through the past month, from audios on Spotify to music videos on YouTube to snippets on Instagram. Each platform added a much-needed spark to my day, which increased my positivity. You already know I enjoy spreading happiness so let’s get straight into February’s favourites playlist. Despite having its own blog post I had to mention the Black Panther soundtrack, it’s been playing almost every day, to hear my thoughts on the album, head to the post here.

1. NSG – Pushing Up (feat. Not3s)
Everyone chatting when they step in, NSG is what I’m repping. The group has put the work in, honed in on their sound and have established a brand. They create a vibe through their audios and visuals, it’s a wave when you hear it that you can’t help but wheel it back. Their latest single they collaborated with Not3s whose work rate is commendable, he really is pushing up. Naturally, everyone delivered in their own style and added a hint of spice to the single.

2. Kojo Funds x Raye – Check
Prior to adding this single to my Spotify list, I had only heard snippets of it and didn’t care to listen to the whole track. That was the case until J-Unity and ZF created a mash-up of Facetime and Check on their Instagram, that my interest peaked. Raye’s vocals paired with the instrumental gives the listener a nostalgic feel as the sample is taken from Craig David’s 2000 pop hit 7 Days.

3. Machel Montano – Take It Slow
In case you needed a reminder, you’re a beautiful lady, a queen every day, don’t get caught in the matrix, or go looking for ratings. Compliments mixed with sound advice. Take It Slow is the type of music I love to support, as it’s a feel-good anthem that makes you empowered, excited and want to move. I first found out about Machel Montano through Lilly Singh and since then I’ve been enjoying high-spirited music.

4. J-Unity – No Entry
As you know any time they come around, they’re shutting it down, J-Unity they’re about to take it worldwide. The twins are working hard, I love how far they’ve come already, they’re perfecting their craft and genuinely having fun whilst on their path to becoming young bosses. Embodying positivity, their music brings a smile, it’s hard to hate on them when all you want to do is wheel up their latest sounds. The instrumental for No Entry is wavy as per usual, especially the piano sample. Make sure you have real ones in your circle, as they say, the qualities of your five closest friends rub off on you.

5. Nas – N.Y. State of Mind
Whilst watching a hip-hop documentary my interest peaked in Nas which resulted in me listening to his body of work from his first album to the present day. N.Y. State of Mind gained my attention as the instrumental faded in, can you tell I have a thing for piano samples on records? An old-school classic that I’ve been listening to throughout February, mostly due to the instrumental but I can’t deny the intellectual rhymes either. This is the kind of hip-hop I appreciate, let’s move on from mumble rappers, no substance in lyrics and relying on autotune.

What songs or albums are you loving?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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