Heartbeats Over Sweet Treats

Elan Cafe Sweets Treats

Chai in hand
Hair tied in a bun
Headphones in
Listening to soulful melodies
Thinking about sweet treats
Whilst wrapped in blankets
A touch of warmth on my skin
On a cold snowy day
Let’s have a catch-up

A few weeks ago I visited Elan Cafe, the blogger’s Insta haven with my partner in crime, usually referred to as twinny. Our typical aesthetic is extra and boujee, so our look of the day involved colourful pants and sleek white blouses, styled in an off-the-shoulder fashion. Excited about visiting this chic establishment would be an understatement, the blogger’s paradise full of flower decor, marble finishings and tasty treats, who wouldn’t be? Offering a variety of sweet treats we couldn’t resist but try a few. One thing that caught our tastebuds by surprise was the hot chocolate with a dash of amaretto. It had the right ratio, with a delicate taste that left us wanting more, we had to order another round as we finished it too quickly. It was the ideal setting for a catch-up and a quick photography session because if you hadn’t noticed, I’m always looking for content.

Heartbeats Over Sweet Treats

But let’s switch it up
Add more depth to our conversation
Searching for sunshine
As I question everything I stand for
But better days are on the horizon
Surrounded by support and encouragement
Thinking about something extraordinary
The future that awaits us
Worrying less and appreciating more
You may not understand it right now
But you will

Through the decisions we choose to make, the directions we wish to take, it can all get a little hectic. We can become busy, preoccupied with our individual journies that we forget to check-in with our circle. Can we take a moment to appreciate the genuine ones? The ones that offer advice, support and encouragement, those who hold no judgements. Life is a series of trials and tribulations, we can understand or at least attempt to read how another is feeling during a situation. Being the listening ear when needed, sharing words of wisdom and pearls of thought to dwell upon. Despite not being in daily contact, we all know without hesitation who rides for us through the rain and shine and to those I will always show love.

Hot Chocolate Sweet Treat Apple Crumble Sweet Treat

Have you visited Elan Cafe before?

Until next time, stay fabulous,




  1. March 23, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    This place looks delicious! The food!! So yummy looking. I’m constantly working on making sure I catch up with my friends – it can get tricky finding the time to meet up.

    • tajinder
      March 23, 2018 / 8:38 pm

      It really was, you need to visit and try it for yourself. Couldn’t agree more, it can become difficult to arrange a convenient time for everybody, but even if it’s an hour, it’s always worth it.


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