Calm and Conflicted Poetic Thoughts

Calm & Conflicted // Juxtaposition

Let’s talk, what interests you?
We’re heading down memory lane
Spinning out of control
Where do we begin?
My mind’s been extremely grey
Remember when I was hustling every night
Not wanting to be denied
Some nights I cried
Imbalance of energies
Full of memories
Life on pause without notice
Remember the days of focus
Replaced with strong emotions
Tears streaming
Waves crashing
Struggling to stay afloat
Wishing to hear the sounds of the ocean
With a calming notion
Handle with care
Acceptance of a being
How freeing
Inside and out
Both strengths and weaknesses
There may be grievances
But victory only stands with determination
A response to the struggle
Personal pain and heartache
Could easily break
By a life-changing decision
Full of butterflies
Anxiety induced
Energies surge through my veins
Look inside my brain
It should reside in the psych ward
Conflicted and calm
It’s time to change my position
Flowers on my mind
Sounds of everything I want
Getting the best of me
In a state of mind gotta state facts
A penny for your thoughts
They don’t see the pain I feel inside
Another one
One day my voice will be heard on every platform
I say how I feel and they don’t like that
Everyday living in this life I see
With a mind consumed with indecisiveness
Where winning is for those I don’t relate to
You should know I tried if this all ends today
Attention lost in translation
Distraction reigns
With procrastination by its side
I spy
Greed, hate, negativity
But I survive
The question is for how long?
The happy days in my life have all gone
But I cope with writing these lines
Everything cool, calm, collect
But still feeling trapped in this solar system
Vision for precision
Fifth dimension thinking
Who said I can’t win?
Coming through hostile
Wondering is it worthwhile?
Either way, you’ll see a smile
Throughout the seasons
I don’t need a reason
No-one can crush my faith tonight

What’s on your mind?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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