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Mega Mystery Bus Team Emoji

Last week I was invited along to a Sherlock Holmes themed event hosted by Megabus in association with Search Laboratory. Arriving at the Radisson Blu hotel I was met with familiar faces, nibbles and refreshments, I also received a goodie bag full of treats to help keep energies high throughout the tour. After mingling for a while, we were debriefed to join Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard on a case. The competition began once divided into four teams and given a pack which included an iPad to document progress, clue cards and evidence bags. We hopped on the Megabus which took us to our first location, Westminster Abbey. Whilst on the route we created a team name by asking each member there favourite emoji thus the birth of Team Emoji as our initial name was too long. The next task was to divide the clue cards so each pair was responsible for a particular element such as the photo hunt, evidence hunt or location hunt in addition to character bonuses that involved solving riddles and creating short videos.

Sherlock, oh Sherlock
The first character we were destined to meet
Tasked with finding your favourite melody
I scoured the internet
Mixed results were what I was met with
I chose one that seemed fit for the occasion
Little did I know and to my surprise
You uttered the words sing.

This would be a great experience for families, tourists or friends who want to try something different as it’s a three-hour activity. Just remember to wear something comfy as there’s a lot of walking involved trying to find clues and different locations. A tip to enjoy the tour is to get creative with the tasks, think outside of the box. Once the time ended we gathered back on the bus and headed towards the hotel. Using our time wisely we sort through the tasks that hadn’t been completed and tried our best to answer, let’s just say a certain detective’s hat was missing by the end of the night due to Team Emoji. Once back at the hotel we were greeted by a special guest, Sid (the Megabus man). After a quick photo opp, we awaited the results. To celebrate each team we opted for the results to be announced in reverse order, to our surprise, Team Emoji were announced the winners and received a trophy – great way to end the evening.

Mega Mystery Bus Tour Sherlock Holmes Mega Mystery Bus Tour Challenge One Mega Mystery Challenge One Mega Mystery Group Discussion Mega Mystery Character Three Task Mega Mystery Bus Tour Solved Mega Mystery Sid, Trophy & Winners Mega Mystery Sid & Winners

Images by Matt Chappell & Search Laboratory.

Would you participate in a mystery tour?

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