Female Empowerment x Fortie Label

A celebration of fierce females
Empowerment of women
Inspired by London’s notorious gang
Known for their shoplifting antics
Glamorous celebrity lifestyles
And deviant behaviour
I introduce to you
1870’s Forty Thieves
A popular girl gang
Combined with elements of 90s hip-hop
Playing on sexuality and confidence
The video vixen
Results in the birth of an urban luxe collection

Despite attending two fashion events yesterday the official start to London Fashion Week was today. Fortie Label was the first show I attended, looking at the brand’s Instagram pre-show I was excited about their collection as their aesthetic looked interesting. The catwalk exceeded my expectations, I was not ready, it was literally a party on the runway. I was bopping my head along for the whole duration of the show as the instrumentals were from popular 90s R&B songs. The atmosphere of the show transported the audience to a 90’s music video from the beginning with the foreword that you would typically find on a mixtape or the beginning of a single. Next, the audience was greeted with red lighting as the models seductively moved behind the gate until the spotlight hit the male model and the show began. The theme of money was prominent in the show from the luxury designs to the accessories the models were using. A fan made of dollars, flip phones and best of all money acting as confetti.

Oversized silhouettes were met with elements of sports luxe, glamour and beachwear, with a warm colour palette of caramel tones mixed with hues of tangerine, indigo and blue. A variety of fabrics were used in the collection, ranging from but not limited to, sheer, faux fur, denim and bamboo with attention to detail when it came to textile development. The designs were accessorised with classic 90’s pieces, chunky gold earrings – check, round retro sunglasses – check, glossy clear lips – check. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, the era of the 1990s was represented beautifully and designer Essie Buckman deserves a round of applause and status of Merit Award Winner.

What are your thoughts on the collection?

Until next time, stay fabulous,



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