Black Panther x Kendrick Lamar

Music from and inspired by the anticipated film.

Black Panther x Kendrick Lamar

We’ve been running out of time from the start of our existence
But reality never settled in until now
The emotion of love
Is it everything you hoped for or does the feeling haunt you?
Trapped in a happy illusion or facing a bitter reality?
False confidence and calculated promises all in your conversations
You can bring violence naturally but you can never bring the truth to me
Was there ever a warning?
Where’s the love gone?
Corrupt a man’s heart with a gift that’s how you find out who you’re dealing with
Exposed and now embarrassed
Move from me
F*** you and all your expectations
You never had faith in me
I don’t even want your congratulations
A small percentage are who I’m building with
Black Panther
King Kendrick

Kendrick Lamar has outdone himself once again, the 14-track album features his usual friends and collaborators SZA (All The Stars), Schoolboy Q (X), Travis Scott (Big Shot) just to name a few. The soundtrack increases the hype around the upcoming film, that’s officially out in all UK cinemas on February 13th. Wakanda the fictional home of characters in Black Panther has no specific region, it’s left vague for a reason. In Kendrick Lamar’s Wakanda music is rooted back to a South African landscape, handpicking a select few to elevate the album. The music direction which Lamar decided to take excites me tremendously as I regularly listen to South African hip-hop, the likes of Emtee, Nasty C, Flame, A-Reece, Sjava, and many more. The cross-cultural moments feature Sjava (Seasons), Saudi (X), Yugen Blakrok (Opps), Babes Wodumo (Redemption) everyone besides Yugen switch between Zulu and English, the smooth transitions capture the culture excellently. It seems South Africa has been on the radar of many popular American artists as of recent. The final chorus during Rihanna’s Grammy performance highlights the Gwara Gwara dance that had many talking long after the end of the performance.

What are your thoughts on the soundtrack?

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  1. February 15, 2018 / 11:02 pm

    I am obsessed with the soundtrack! I have been listening to it all week and can’t wait to see the movie!

    • tajinder
      February 16, 2018 / 12:26 am

      Yess! So am I, I’m planning to see the movie on Tuesday, I’m excited.


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