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Last Thursday was an adventure at ibis Lates, but let me start from the beginning. Walking the streets of Aldgate East trying to locate the ibis Hotel which was just around the corner, I wondered what the night had in store for my photographer and I, either way, I knew I was excited. We arrived in our room and in true blogger fashion began to document every aspect, taking photography, snap chatting and announcing to insta-stories that we have arrived. Once fresh, fly and ready we decided to have a mini photoshoot around the hotel, but as we all know time flies when you’re having fun. We made our way downstairs to the lobby to be greeted by the ibis team, fellow bloggers and a selection of food and drinks. I have to add that the mocktails were delightful and packed with flavour, definitely recommend it to all.

ibis Hotels Bedroom Shot

ibis Hotels Food & Lounge Area

Who’s been to the Roundhouse before? Many of us, however, do you know beyond them being a venue space. Before this moment, neither did I, hence I’m here to educate. They actually offer a range of creative opportunities for 11-25-year-olds, from drop-in sessions for £2 to emerging artist memberships that cost £20 and include the use of studios, rehearsal rooms and media labs equipped with Macs. If you’re not able to cover the fees not to worry, as they’re a charity they offer support in the form of bursaries, so don’t let anything hold you back. The feedback from the young people has been positive, from one being inspired to grow and another progressing in a field they never thought they could. Honestly, I know I want to join, I even expressed this enthusiasm on the night whilst on the tour of the venue.

Tajinder At The ibis Later Event

Back to the event, a night full of performers of various genres, I was impressed with each one that graced the stage. I am a firm believer that we create our own opportunities hence I introduced myself to each act after their performance, plus I had to commend them on vocals, stage presence and generally creating a memorable experience. I love the fact that ibis Hotels simultaneously provides a stage to showcase young upcoming talent whilst producing great events and experiences for all across the UK. Each performer was well versed with an instrument in hand and vocals at the ready. Modupé decided to perform covers of popular songs but she truly owned each one with her style and attitude as she had the crowd engaging with each note she hit. Mobius Trip Mob played with a range of vocal tones that sparked my interest especially accompanied by meaningful lyrics. The duo Purple Lights made you want to move, get onto the dance floor or at least bop your head. Showcasing versatile instrumentals mixed with positive and knowledgeable lyrics I have to say they were highly commended. Overall each act owned the stage in their own way, spread messages of positivity and demonstrated their talents. There are so many events around London where you can discover new talent – such as ibis Lates On Tour – that I encourage you all to attend, even if it’s once.

Modupé Performing ibis Later

Mobius Trip Mob Performing ibis Later

Purple Lights Performing ibis Later

Boohoo Pant Suit ibis Lates


After hearing my thoughts, would you attend an emerging artist event? 

Until next time, stay fabulous,




    • Tajinder Sandhu
      December 17, 2017 / 3:34 pm

      It definitely was dear!


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