Discussion About Infidelity, Young Audio

i can feel the distance
the lies on your lips
curious about the company you keep
the smell of her perfume
surrounding every inch of you
desire crashing into one another
why am i still here?
leave, get out
it’s enough
why am i arguing?
be together with her
you’re addicted to fast girls
it’s such a sad situation
running down my face
you keep causing these tears
past relationships
have taught you nothing
you keep doing what you do
why cause heartbreak?
be single and enjoy life
you’re not ready to commit
instead you take too much
no longer worth the stress
tried to make things work
hurt before but now
i’m free.

Let’s start by asking a question, in a technological world where apps such as Tinder prosper what value do relationships hold? With so many options at our fingertips, we’re constantly on the search for something better, not wanting to miss out on anything. Opportunity and circumstance are common factors why many cheat, but how do you define cheating and infidelity? Every individual has alternating definitions of what cheating entails, emotional, physical and psychological all contribute. According to Anita Chlipala, cheating can be contagious, remember the company you keep can influence the way you think, feel and behave. If you’re surrounded by individuals who cheat on their spouses you’re more inclined to follow suit. Do you ever stop to think, how would this affect your significant other? Researchers from the University of Nevada carried out a study and confirmed that infidelity has a huge impact on behaviours. The results can lead to mental health consequences, the increase in risky behaviours and unhealthy relationships in the future.

No Such Thing by Young @uD!o tells the story of a past relationship where he couldn’t seem to let go regardless of his infidelities. The notion of the woman leaving him was a foreign concept ain’t no such thing as you leaving me, the attitude conceives an arrogance about the man. Though he understands his actions, her emotions, he still doesn’t believe that she could leave him. It’s an interesting topic to speak on especially in this current age where cheating (both male and female) and open relationships are on the rise. When it comes to the instrumental the build-up brings an excitement, almost as if you’re on an adventure, following the mysterious figure into the darkness as he creeps towards his next conquest full of charm and deceit. The video entails the man being caught whilst on a date with another woman, however, he’s still invested with his main girl and cannot let her leave. She doesn’t seem to deny the fact either, they’re invested in each other despite the situations he gets himself into.

Remember ladies it’s his decision, don’t dwell on how you could have changed the past, or what you were lacking, this will only keep you unhappy for long. Move on to better things.

 What are your views on No Such Thing?

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    November 24, 2017 / 2:18 pm

    Ohhh interesting! I haven't heard of this! Infidelity is one of those extremely tricky situations, because there are so many conflicting emotions. There's love and hate, hope and distrust, so much! I think in your gut though, you always know what is best for you.


    • Tajinder Sandhu
      November 29, 2017 / 2:19 pm

      Glad I introduced you to something new, also that's a valid point, there are many juxtapositions when thinking about infidelity.


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