Reflecting On The Blog Race

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did you follow the race?
the finale is here
from 15 to 5
one challenge remaining
the pressure is on
reflecting on the journey
the race from my perspective
are you curious to hear my thoughts?

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has continually supported me. I honestly didn’t think I would make it to the finals, especially as some of the other finalists had bigger followings than I did. All I can say now is we made it, the last challenge is upon us so without further ado, let’s get straight into it. The Blog Race gave me the opportunity to learn and network with bloggers who I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. It was exceptional being surrounded by such creative individuals, it made me think out of the box whilst remaining true to my core values for each challenge.

it began every monday
giving structure to my week
with the latest challenge announced
i would proceed to think of various ideas
narrowing it down to the best
thinking how to stand out
then developing the vision
it was called
the process.

Many dislike Monday mornings however I would eagerly be waiting for an e-mail to pop into my inbox. You’ve got mail, a notification indicates, could this be what I was waiting for? No, just another promotional communication. Thirty minutes later, another buzz, it’s finally arrived, the all-important e-mail outlining the latest challenge of the week. Reaching for my trusted notebook I would write the theme and things associated with the word. I would then consider how to execute the given task, the commute to work gave me plenty of time to think, writing rough notes, ideas and creative phrases on my iPod. Looking back, I gained a better understanding of my work ethic, though I produced quality content, in reality, we had limited time and a quick turn around, which only made me realise if I took more time, energy and resources I could create enhanced content.

through the experience
they wanted to know
gain a better understanding
of what we learned
found out
and obtained
my answer is simple
i tapped into my creativity
discovering more about photography
sticking to themes
and the typical blogger activities
such as our first challenge
revolving around flatlays
i loved the feedback i received
from the judges
my peers
and those following along
it gave me a new found confidence
in my own abilities
it reassured me
that i was on the right path

Feel The Colours Shoreditch Art Work

Shoreditch Art and Outfit Inspiration


Updated: Results are in and I am Highly Commended (Top 3) loved the feedback I received from the judges. Curious? Then have a look at their wrap up blog post. Thank you for riding this journey with me, if you want to read the posts created for the race click here.

 What did you enjoy about the blog race?

 Until next time, stay fabulous,



Thank you to Vix & Laila for organising #TheBlogRace, it's been an exciting journey.

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