Where do your priorities lie in 2017?

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Walking with a purpose into the month of September, being present in the moment, speaking with confidence and lighting up a room. August has ended and a new month has arrived, what have you got in store for this season? Let’s get straight to the point, no dilly-dallying, I briefly mentioned priorities in an Instagram post, I wanted to elaborate on the topic. Do you ever wonder why someone doesn’t have the same passion as you? Well, the answer is quite clear, that isn’t their priority, it’s yours. They don’t see (or understand) the vision in the same light you do, or they could be lazy, there’s always that option. Yes, they may be motivated, complete the task on time but they don’t have a burning desire for it. How do you expect someone to understand your world when you don’t converse about it?

Constantly in the back of my mind, never forgetting, working towards the mission at hand. But it may surprise you the vision that I speak of. They say focus on what deserves your attention well my time is divided if only someone cared enough to realise. A genuine “are you ok?” rather than the typical small talk, expecting the generic “I’m fine” response. Why must we engage in idle chatter? No longer a polite gesture when the answer has no meaning. All worth has expired from such conversations, yet we continue to entertain the idea.

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Have I become fragile? Fixated on a goal that everything else seems meaningless, dancing on a dangerous line, sanity, are you still around? Matters of the heart, I never knew you could affect me in such a way. Everything is almost lost, yes I’m speaking about myself. Tell me that you love me, always thinking of me, unconditionally. Investing my time in you, I never felt this way with another, keeping it real with you. Two souls becoming one, a deeper connection, how did you get me on this wave? I thought I wanted the career, but without you by my side, the career holds no value. Priorities I have many, concentration is required. Tuning into a different frequency in order to cope with personal problems. Broken yet picking up the pieces, all I ever wanted was happiness. Putting my heart and soul in these lines, the only way I seem to know how to express myself. No judgements or opinions, just reactions that can be read at a later date.

Let me fly away to a foreign land, I promise I’ll hustle until the final day, executing my visions is necessary, my soul is becoming restless. Close ones say I don’t reach out, it’s ironic that my communication is weak yet I majored in the subject, I choose to remain to myself because I’m an introvert. God willing our ties won’t be severed.

I pray you never let this world break you.

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 Where do your priorities lie? 

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,SaveSave


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