The Charm Of Marrakech 2017

Majorelle Garden Florals and Blue Interior

Travel in style
Upgrade where needed
The added comfort
Is highly desirable
Long haul
Or short
Experience the luxury
Premium economy
Or business class
Perhaps extra leg room
Whatever works for your budget
From point A to B
The journey is just as valuable
What will you do with your time?
Escape in entertainment
Sleep the hours away
Or create a formula for success
Once you reach the destination
Freshen up
Pass through immigration
Baggage claim
Reach outside and welcome
This is your temporary break
Enjoy the country that hosts you
For the duration of your trip
Be present
Cherish every moment
As time will fly by
In a blink of an eye
A click of a glass
Let the holiday begin

Another week, another city, we haven’t travelled in a while as I mentioned in the Dubai post, so we decided to choose two destinations for summer. Say hello to my choice, Marrakech, the city of hustle and bustle, but relaxation when hidden in your hotel. Only three hours away from London Gatwick, I introduced my mother to North Africa, not what she expected to say the least, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Reaching late Monday night to our hotel, we were welcomed with a cocktail and a few light refreshments. Tired and hungry, that was exactly what we needed.

Hammam Glow In Marrakech

As relaxation was the goal, our first order of business was seeing what the spa had to offer. We experienced a Moroccan hammam, which involved a steam session (that opens the pores, loosens the muscles and generally relaxes the body), black soap wash (cleanses the body), exfoliation (no pain, no gain as they say) followed by a hot oil massage and facial. The process left my skin glowing for hours after the session. I was surprised by the number of dead skin cells removed, the results left me feeling refreshed. It was a great treatment that I would highly recommend to anyone, I want to go back just for the spa session.

Architecture and Plants Majorelle Garden

Fashion Photography In Majorelle Garden Marrakech

Red Floral Dress In Majorelle Garden Marrakech

Majorelle Garden Greenery Marrakech

During this trip, two things were evident we embraced nature and animals to the fullest. We were surrounded by greenery on most occasions, honestly, I felt content, the flowers, plants and trees all looked beautiful. Not only did our hotel have a wonderful garden that included a spice patch, swing set and fruit trees but you could spot various sizes of tortoises roaming around the grounds. Impressed by our hotel, we weren’t ready for what we saw next. We headed out early one morning on a garden tour from Menara Gardens (built in the 12th century by the Almohad ruler Abd al-Mu’min) to Jardin Majorelle (bought and saved from destruction by French couturier, Yves Saint Laurent, and partner, Pierre Bergé). Majorelle is an oasis full of culture, water displays, rich colour and much more. We experienced a horse and carriage ride to the beautiful Majorelle grounds, capturing the beauty of the land as we trotted along. Towards the evening a camel ride was on the agenda, wearing traditional Berber clothing we rode around the quieter parts of Marrakech catching a glimpse of the sunset.

Though we were there for a short period of time, we tried to utilize our time to experience the city the best we could. With so many things to see, we may have missed a few gems, but that will only encourage us to return. Till our next encounter, I bid you adieu.

Love Posters Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech

Detailed Architecture In Marrakech Morocco

Horse and Carriage Ride In Marrakech Morocco

Camels Chilling On The Streets Of Marrakech

Peach Marrakech Side Street

 Have you visited Marrakech?

Until next time, stay blessed and classy,






  1. Mariama Rebecca
    September 6, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    Marrakech looks amazing. I need to visit asap. You look like you had a blastastic holiday 🙂


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    • Tajinder Sandhu
      September 7, 2017 / 8:47 am

      I honestly did, you need to take a trip there, definitely worth it.


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