How To Style Three SS17 Trends

H&M Empower Women SS17 Trends

 Girl Gang. sisterhood, whatever you wish to call it.

You don’t need permission to be yourself, we’re human beings, unique and full of so much potential. There’s no one size fits all, despite how much society may reiterate it. A few weeks ago I collaborated with two lovely bloggers, Priscillia and Martha for a summer lookbook, we tested out three staple SS17 trends. The denim party, a classic white shirt and the bardot feature. We each approached the brief differently yet embraced our personal style completely. Authenticity is key, we have various interests, insecurities and impressions to create.

How To Style SS17 Trends Bardot Feature

An image is powerful yet very superficial. Ladies stop labelling yourself bad and boujee, what happened to being beautiful? Beauty shouldn’t be skin deep nor should it reside in a makeup bag, it comes from within. The regular circulation of airbrushed celebrities on glossy magazine pages, social media platforms and popular series has us all delusional. Skewing the realities of beauty, expectations are formed and put upon young women, deviating from the norm results in a lack of confidence and the birth of insecurities. They want the curvy girl without the cellulite yet every mark is tiger stripe, the big butt without the thunder thighs, small waist but the chest bigger. Many are uncomfortable and unhappy with their form, opting to use makeup to enhance their physique when that fails they head towards surgery. In the drill generation, everyone enjoys hiding behind a mask and creating a persona, but is that the real you? Everything is temporary, looks do fade, but I can’t blame you for these thoughts. Internalised, it’s what you’ve been taught.

Three queens, full of confidence, just being themselves and breaking the rules.

The Denim Party

Denim transcends seasons, appropriate all year round, dressed up or down, the only thing that changes are the styling techniques. Whether rocking a comfy pair of jeans – there’s plenty of cuts to choose from – or completing an outfit with a statement jacket and choker, add colour to the mix during summer. The brighter the better, when autumn rolls around the shades tone down a notch making you wish you had worn that bold bodysuit, bikini or blouse. Simply channel your inner queen and show up for life.

Denim Party SS17 Trends

The Classic White Shirt

Every fashion enthusiast should own a classic white shirt, a blank canvas to a stylist, it’s both functional and diverse. Worn oversized or fitted, the classic gets revived, with designers adding their own touch of magic to the piece. Embellishments, emphasised sleeves and cut-out features are among the few detailing choices designers have created. Add a statement necklace to contrast against the crisp white shirt or bring attention to your torso by pairing with a corset belt. For a more playful style, wear a bralette or bandeau, leave the shirt open or tie the ends up for a relaxed look. Head on over to How To Find Your Happy Place post to discover my casual way of rocking the trend.

Classic White Shirt SS17 Trends

The Bardot Feature

From the catwalks to the wardrobe of every fashionista and influencer is the stable trend of summer the bardot feature. Gracing its presence on every and any material, there’s no piece it shies away from. It highlights the shoulders in a new light, not only is it ideal to wear whilst tanning (no visible bra lines) but it exudes an understated sexy and chicness. Say hello to your new cleavage, bare those shoulders. I have always stated covering up can be a form of sex appeal whilst maintaining a sophisticated demeanour, leave some mystery ladies.

Bardot Feature SS17 Trends

What’s your favourite SS17 trend?

Until next time, stay fabulous,



  1. Cole Nemeth
    August 18, 2017 / 6:42 pm

    You guys have such fun clothes! I keep wanting to get more into fashion but I always end up dressing like a frumpy, teenage boy in my band tees and ripped jeans.

    • Tajinder Sandhu
      August 18, 2017 / 10:19 pm

      Aww thank you dear, I love adding personality into my style. It's easy to get into fashion, whether going fully into it by adding bold statement colours or slowly with statement accessories. Even band tees and ripped jeans can look quirky and trendy when styled with funky accessories, it's all in the styling dear, just have fun with it!


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