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5 Happy Art Things Inspiration

They had this creature caged
I can’t be contained
Running wild
Fierce and untamed
Come lead the way
Thoughts upon thoughts
Not wanting to share
Bringing tears to my eyes
Is this life?
Going through trials and tribulations
But looking towards the light
In search for a medium of expression
Could this be it?
Can you relate?
Wait, did you notice?
I never said this was real
Did you notice?
All this could be manufactured
Who’s to know what’s true or false?
Heart on your sleeve
Or sharing the bare minimum
Art as an escape
To another dimension
Whether that’s full of darkness
Or unicorns and sparkles
All depends on your outlook and psyche
This is the drill generation
Everyone has masks
Disguising the truth
Your words have no weight
Like Theresa May
Am I aiming for you?
Or could this just be an open letter?
Hello World

Art is a form of expression, we all have different interests yet it brings us all together. Whether that’s through music, poetry, paintings and illustrations or photography. Creativity allows our imaginations to run wild, never lose sight of it. As Albert Einstein once mentioned knowledge is limiting, yet imagination encircles the world. As I reconnect with creativity, I wanted to shine the spotlight on five artists that I admire, say hello and get acquainted with these beauties. The images I selected from each artist either depicts fashion or beauty. As beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, I wanted to showcase a selection of images that revolve around body positivity and authenticity.

1. Joanna Baker

Walk a mile in my shoes, see the world from a different perspective. Summer is here, florals are in full swing and shoes are one way to add instant fun to any outfit. When it comes to the subject of heels, we all have an opinion on the matter. Whether it’s the inability to walk in stilettos or the comfort of chunky heels, we speak about the practicality or the style. Let’s take it to the next level, shoes can also be seen as a metaphor for women, as they come in various cuts, colours and designs. Unique in their own way, their differences are appreciated. My favourite designs are always her shoe pieces, the detailing and designs are always interesting. These pieces are ideal for the fashionista or shopaholic.

2. Delyais

Rihanna, Rihanna. Fashion icon, pop star, and full of wild thoughts. She embodies confidence, even if she has self-doubts, the fans are unaware. She chooses to ignore them and kill the game like a boss, claiming her crown in the process, truly a queen. We need to take a note from her book, embrace your inner queen, be unapologetically yourself, in a world full of imitators, be original. When it comes to styling, we all take different approaches, we may all own a white t-shirt from Primark yet no people will wear it the same. Rihanna was the MVP at the 2017 Met Gala, sporting a multi-tiered Comme Des Garcons 2016 fall dress. She added sex appeal by pairing lace-up heels and complementary jewellery. The internet went crazy for the look with various illustrations resulting from it. Delyais captured the detailing perfectly, I loved the depiction, it’s a pop culture piece ideal for any home.

3. Not Sari

It feels so good to see Indian depictions of beauty in the (western) entertainment industry. As I was growing up, there weren’t many, I felt alienated as the women on the screen were nothing like me, hence it was hard to relate. In the present day, Priyanka Chopra is taking over Hollywood (Quantico & Baywatch), Lilly Singh is seen as the BeyoncĂ© of YouTube, and Neelam Gill is a popular British-Asian model, just to name a few successes. Not Sari depicts the Asian culture, from aunties who bathe in moisturiser to brown girls who want to gain their ideal summer body for all the wedding functions they’ll be attending (no beach in sight). I would just like to say thank you Pranavi for the beautiful illustrations you create, keep slaying girl.

4. Dorkface

Mind, body and soul. Through the trials and tribulations that life throws your way, it can become difficult to share your mind and soul with another individual, so you tend to hand your body over instead. This collage caught my eye as it depicts women reclaiming their bodies. The body is a temple and one night stands aren’t welcome. Why? Let’s think of it this way, those you choose to lay in bed, you intertwine your soul and energies with them. If they were carrying a dark cloud with them, through this act, they’ve shared the burden with you. Each piece is full creativity and intrigue, not shying away from any topic, Jemma’s work inspires me daily. Some of her pieces touch upon mental health, LGBTQ, body positivity and empowerment, just to list a few. You can watch her work process on Insta-stories it makes you appreciate the time and effort dedicated to each piece. You can even buy your favourites over on Etsy, I personally love the pieces I got.

5. Pink Bits

The media tends to circulate images of the ideal body, but that isn’t the only body to have and it certainly doesn’t represent the majority of women in the world. These ideals are unrealistic perceptions of beauty, women feel disconnected to such imagery that it results in fluctuating self-esteem levels. We’re all beautiful creatures, that menstruate, have body hair and curves. Pink Bits illustrates the very parts we tend to hide or feel less confident about. The only person your body needs to please is yourself, so wear that bikini, eat that doughnut, or shave next month, the choice is entirely yours. It’s refreshing to see illustrations of real women in a state of rawness. Props to Pink Bits for showcasing diversity, self-love and confidence through art.

Did any of these artists stand out to you?

Until next time, stay fabulous,





  1. July 20, 2017 / 2:08 am

    Love all the art and poetry! Creating and looking at art always makes me happy!

    • Tajinder Sandhu
      July 20, 2017 / 8:37 am

      Glad you enjoyed the post dear, I couldn't agree more, art brings a joyous feeling with it.


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