Consumed By Darkness?

London Velvet Dream Outfit

Didn’t wanna do it, but it gets like that
The world is pulling me in every direction
What I’m going through, I go it alone
To those who couldn’t handle half of me
Calling me crazy
But isn’t that the world that raised me?
No-one’s trying to hear it
Don’t even think about it
Vision getting blurry
Worried about tomorrow
Lost in yesterday
Walk a mile in mine
With sanity gone, I’m beyond the line
Why are you smiling wide?
Like these aren’t the thoughts that consume your mind
I’m holding it together with chewing gum and duct tape
Resisting the urge to share my thoughts, but they’re dripping
I wish I could escape
But every morning I wake
Letting go of the fake
Navigating amongst a crowd full of snakes
But wait,
For every pain, every trouble
That’s only one way to view the situation
I don’t like those mirrors
Forget those troubles
It’s time to start climbing
Kick the crabs away
No place for mediocrity
As Crystal Chanel would say
Show up for life
Pressure created diamonds
The scars
Whether physical or mental
They’re reminders of the wars we’ve conquered
Those low moments you experience from time-to-time
Use the same intensity to your advantage
Emotions drive the hunger within us
Anger, sadness or love
What can you create from each scenario?
Only you know
I’m eager to find out
Put pen to paper (artists)
Needle to cloth (designers)
Camera to subject (photographers)
Whatever your niche, hobby or profession may be
Your perspective may inspire another
Or help through the complex routes
Get off the wall
I’m speaking directly to you
It’s time to create some magic
You have so much potential
Until your last breath
Never give up
Don’t compromise
Adopt a different kind of mentality
Be the hero of your story

Autumn In London & Velvet

 What’s one piece of advice you would give someone who’s feeling low?

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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