Thought Process Of A Creative

Creative Comic Eyes & Selfie Love

Welcome to the public
The life of a creative
Full of mixed emotions
It drives us to do unthinkable things
The creation of masterpieces
We never thought possible
As self-doubt crept in
But this is the path we chose
The process is an individual action
But the results are celebrated by the masses
The girls show love
Whilst respect is shown by the guys
But that occurs much later down the line
We must be content with ourselves first
I made a vow to be my own best friend
Me, myself and I
So far, it’s going well
Discovering hidden depths of my being
I’m just kicking it with my soul-mate
Learning, growing and appreciating
Occasionally the mood enters dark territories
Thinking, aren’t we all somewhat alone?
Self-love through selfies
Validation through likes
Are we human?
Is this the new generation?
Where do our priorities lay?
So many questions on my mind
Can anyone give me an answer?
We wish to be successful
Yet sleep half the day away
Something has to change
A plan needs to created
We have different routes
But the destination is the same
Though we measure it in various ways
For some, it’s the awards and material possessions
To me, it’s about making a change
Spreading positivity and peace
An individual celebrating life
Bridging the gap between cultures
Screaming with passion
We are one
ਅਸੀਂ ਇੱਕੋ ਹਾਂ
Tiri mumwe
忘記社會 (Forget society)
Olvidar las opiniones de los demás (Forget the opinions of others)
Ṣe ohun ti o fẹ (Do what you want)
You have a purpose on this earth
Be great, be kind, be yourself

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What are your views on self-love?

Until next time, stay fabulous


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