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The topic of the moment
Too many reported incidents
So-called accidents
More like actions – driven by pure lust
Disgusted and disgraced
Humanity – why must we behave like this?
We should amount to more
Yet that’s not the case
Individuals tempted by seven deadly sins
Rather than controlling urges
You answer the call of sin
Well now heed this warning
You better start running (running)
The women are coming (coming)
The double standards, I can’t take it
Why is this happening?
I’m just trying to break the circle
I’m coming with a fire
My soul keeps burning
The ugly truth
We heard the whispers
You ignored the cries
Keep hoping I’m wrong
Am I hurting myself?
The tables keep turning
But women are still in the wrong
Hurt, abused and silenced
It’s 20-17
Is this still happening?
Which way do I go?
Fear is not an option
No sugar coating the situation
Or hiding from the safety of bubble wrap
Life is meant to be experienced
Got to shine – it’s now or never time
A shift in mentality
From fear to safety
For ultimate security
Create a safety kit with the essentials
Pepper spray and personal alarm
Two items high on the priority list
Unsafe neighbourhoods, troublesome groups
The idea of being alone can be pretty scary
Better to be protected than regret it
Ladies dress as you please
Regardless what spectators may say
You were not “asking for it”
When you got dressed
What thoughts ran through your mind
Confidence, sassy, slaying all the way
A man cannot break your spirit
Don’t allow anyone that power
Shouldn’t even exist
Sober or an altered state
No means no
Bringing the noise
Through speakerphones, sirens and more
You better listen up
Men educate your sons – don’t abandon them
And acceptance of a woman’s decision
Is all that we demand in this situation
Topic of conversation
Stand up for yourself
Stay vigilant.

Next Grey Quilted Jacket

Walking Down The Street With Sass

Braids and Vintage Prints Street Style Inspiration

Primark Grey Cut Out Heels

Earrings from INDIA
Vintage Bodysuit from BRICK LANE
Skirt from BOOHOO
Jacket from NEXT
Shoes from PRIMARK

If you could change one thing in 2017, what would it be?

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