How To Find Positivity In 2017

How To Find Positivity In 2017 Sunset In East London

Tables keep turning
Which way do I go?
Life has me guessing
But the fire keeps burning
Inside of my soul
It’s all in my control
Where does happiness lie?
Only I can reply
I have faith in myself
One minute you’re low
The next you rise
It’s all temporary

Positivity brings happiness, I’ve never met (or even heard of) an individual who’s happy with a negative mentality. It’s so hard to survive when we’re so toxic to ourselves and those around us. Don’t just cope or merely survive with life, take control and change where necessary. The first step is to acknowledge the problem, once identified rather than jumping to the negative, change route and think where’s the positive in this situation? How could I use this situation to my advantage? I’m full of optimism, to me, I could conquer the world if I had the determination to do so. That’s the mentality I have, the influence I’ve been brought up with, which I want to share with all my lovely readers. Don’t let your environment pull you back, be mindful of what you choose to surround yourself with.

  • What are you watching? (TV/Movies)
  • What are you listening to? (Music/Podcasts)
  • What are you viewing online? (Internet/Apps)
  • What are you reading? (Books/Magazines)

Entertainment has a part in influencing your outlook, why else do (some) governments heavily censor the circulation of media. The first step to entering a more positivity into your life is to carefully consider:

  • The top 3 (negative) people you spend time with
  • The top 3 (negative) entertainment sources you regularly spend time on

Disconnect from them all, or at least spend less time with each. With this new found time, fill it up with positive people and activities. Negativity can lead to stress, don’t let it build up. Stop the thoughts consuming your mind, breathe and refocus by asking yourself will this matter in 5 years or in 5 weeks? Vent your frustrations to someone else and get their perspective on the matter. Other methods to de-stress and refocus are:

  • Taking a walk (change surroundings)
  • Mediating (practising mindfulness)
  • Visiting your garden or park (enjoy nature)
  • Get active (release those endorphins)
  • Play music (has the ability to alter moods)

What you send out into the universe, you usually receive. If you keep thinking you’re going to have a bad day, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, anything that happens will be deconstructed in a pessimistic view. Wake up, be grateful for the day ahead, read a quote (or something that motivates you) and begin your day. It’s the simple tasks that will alter your mindset and how you perceive the day (and eventually your life). We’re not trying to be good, we’re on a mission to be great – remember that.

How To Find Positivity London Graffiti Wall

Brick Lane Graffiti Art 2017

London Culture African Graffiti Art Brick Lane

Unfinished Masterpiece How To Find Positivity In 2017

What are you finding difficult to be positive about?

Until next time, stay fabulous,


  1. April 11, 2017 / 10:49 am

    That's true! I've never met a person who's happy being negative either. Hard to believe that could exist or survive in the world.

    Sending positive vibes to you,

    Charlotta x

    • Tajinder Sandhu
      April 11, 2017 / 6:04 pm

      Definitely hard to believe, glad you enjoyed my post dear.


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