Maharishi SS17 Collection Uncovered

As London Fashion Week (LFW) is approaching rapidly, let’s look back at London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM). The designers have outdone themselves, making me even more excited for the events ahead, taking inspiration from an array of topics and expressing these issues through fashion. Today I’d like to focus on Maharishi (who was discovered in 1994), rather than showcasing the A/W17 collection six months before the season, he opted to display the S/S17 collection – much more convenient some would say.

Mother nature is a core value of Maharishi’s ethos, simultaneously highlighting the importance of her resources and humanities dependence upon them. The brand’s aim is to create environmentally appropriate, high-quality utilitarian clothing. The Tour d’Afrique collection is inspired by the questionable presence of American and Chinese military in the African region, thus adopting an anti-war ethos. With coltan – a vital mineral – being the central focus, it calls attention to natural resources and how they fuel armed conflict across countries over its possession.

A natural palette of mainly dark green and nude tones, with a small selection of radiant orange, coral and cobalt blue pieces. Featuring bright embroidery of graphics symbolic of the nativity with undertones of the late 60s era style. This season inspirations were taken from African clothing, the traditional robes of North West Africa with the Djellaba – a hooded robe – and the Horn of Africa with the Djellebiya – a wide-collared, long sleeve robe. One of the sub-themes of the collection was east versus west, from wearing loose fitted military jackets to long shawls worn underneath caps. The females modelled silk kimono-style tops and dresses. Outfits were accessorised with bags – in various colours – shawls and caps.

Maharishi indicates stark contrasts of nature versus technology, east against west, and the military in opposition to pacifism in the Tour d’Afrique collection. Overall the collection and the earthy palette is ideal for making a statement this season, embracing the culture, and further expanding the inspiration behind the collection for Maharishi, as they say, knowledge is power.


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