London Fashion Week Pastel Lookbook

Billie Jacobina AW17 Presentation

That’s a wrap. London Fashion Week (LFW) has ended but that doesn’t mean I want to stop speaking about it. Today I’ll be exploring my LFW lookbook with an added bonus of photography from the shows I attended. Every morning we all have a decision to make, what’s the dress code for the day ahead. Though seemingly minor, this can alter our moods, and ultimately affect our day. When it comes to styling, I always try to channel femininity, confidence and strength, as this is a great reminder and instantly transforms me into boss mode.

Billie Jacobina 100% Colour & Sass

On my first day, I decided to wear all black with statement silver jewellery, little did I know that this would make me feel slightly basic. In my head, I was on fleek *Ms Banks Voice*. Once I started seeing bold colour dominating the catwalk and presentations, I knew I had to embrace colour. The Billie Jacobina presentation embraced everything I felt I was currently lacking, which was striking colour, quirkiness and confidence. The models embodied the playful nature of the clothing, Overall the collection was bold, daring, and vibrant. Defying the rules of fashion, it was quite refreshing to see flamboyant print and texture for Autumn/Winter. When dressing for day two, I was heavily influenced by Billie Jacobina and Angus Chiang as both collections demanded attention through colour. Confidence was at the forefront of my mind, as I opted to dress in alternative pink shades. I focused the outfit around a Zara blouse with empathised sleeves and bow detailing (at the back), which I paired with a long sleeve top from Primark and Next print trousers. Completing the look, I added my go-to nude boots and black bomber jacket in case it got cold. On day three I felt feminine and glamour and embraced the life of pastels with a dress, blouse and jacket combo. It may have been cold, but I worked the look with the biggest smile. Day four I wrapped it up in a burgundy and black combo. Taking inspiration from the off the shoulder and deconstructed trend, I paired my black ruffled top with a long sheer blouse that I tucked in so that the bow detail on the pants were visible. Overall I have enjoyed the whole London Fashion experience, it’s an inspiring occasion each time. From the new collections, designs revealed, to the street style photography, creativity is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

What do you love about London Fashion Week? 

Until next time, stay fabulous,

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