London Fashion Week Festival Catwalk Photography

London Fashion Week Festival Catwalk Photography

London Fashion Week (LFW) is a star-studded event showcasing collections that designers have been working on for months. The festival (which is a week later) allows the public to experience the same luxury as those invited to the catwalks and presentations. It also touches upon the trends of the upcoming season, as well as events within the fashion industry, such as The Fashion Awards that took place in December 2016. My peers and I had an opportunity to experience catwalk photography, at London Fashion Week Festival (LFWF) on the last day. To prepare for this, Create Jobs scheduled a photography session with Mikael Eliasson, who gave us a crash course on photography skills and basic camera settings to achieve the best photograph we possibly can.

What I enjoyed was gaining experience of working as a photographer. I’ve owned a DSLR camera however never knew that much about the manual settings, let alone shoot a whole catwalk show in that mode. It was interesting to see what I could capture when adjusting the settings and getting to play around with different angles. I particularly enjoyed the advice that Kasia Bobula gave during her brief talk about backstage photography. She mentioned that capturing details and candid moments were very impactful, catching the simplicity amongst the chaos.

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During the day, I had two issues that I had to overcome. The first issue was being assigned a Nikon camera, as I am familiar with working with a canon, the Nikon was foreign to me. However, adjusting the settings and getting comfortable with the camera, I was able to get a few striking shots. My second issue happened at the last show, a member of the audience was disrupting my shots by leaning forward and stretching his phone. As I was unable to get whole outfit shots from my position, I decided to focus on details, such as the shoes, makeup, and bags. This made me sympathise with photographers as there are many factors to consider when shooting catwalk shows.

My opinion of catwalk photography was neutral until I attended London Fashion Week and started getting curious about the photographer’s pit. Space was limited, and it seemed everyone was getting similar shots, which led me to the thought of how were they sustaining themselves off this career path. By participating in London Fashion Week Festival, I saw that varied shots were possible, it all depends on the photographer’s objective.

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Final Catwalk Of Designs

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What are your views on catwalk photography?

Until next time, stay fabulous,


    • Tajinder Sandhu
      March 5, 2017 / 7:05 pm

      Thank you dear. My camera is old, I actually want to get a new compact one, so it's easier to take on-the-go, but I need to save quite a bit.

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