What Is Beauty and Self-Love In 2017?

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Gazing at mirrors I see society’s unattainable beauty expectations reflecting back at me. Magazines and social media only reinforce the image of the perfect ideal. My sanity is being battered and bruised from all angles, bullied by the negative thoughts that were once shouting I was beautiful. Perfection is misleading because it doesn’t exist, the perfect smile, the perfect hair, the perfect body, there’s no one size fits all in this situation. I’m speaking to you, open your eyes to the fact that perfection is overcrowded, replace these backwards thoughts with never-ending love, but will you acknowledge this truth is the question I keep asking. As I walk back to the mirror, once again searching for the validation that corporations have convinced me we require, there’s a change. A shift in mentality, the disappearance of lies with one thing remaining, that was always there, merely overshadowed, but was boldly staring back at me today, happiness.

Ignite that female queen who’s comfortable in her own skin. Don’t feed into body insecurities rather focus on experiencing real womanhood, of spiritual wealth, ultimate health, and being intellectually affluent. These are the attributes of real sex appeal, not the size of your breasts, or the sparkle of your teeth, these things won’t last. Showing personality, a depth of character are the qualities heading towards the right path when attracting a love interest or friendship. Remember to distance yourself from toxic beings who are disillusioned by the information they’re fed by society. There are no positives of keeping them around. Cut them out of your life, hit the unfollow button and create a haven of positivity in real life and online platforms. You’re beautiful, don’t allow anyone to change that view of yourself. Be comfortable in your skin, you were made in a certain light, unique to those who surround you, celebrate yourself.

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What do you love about yourself?

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