At Last – Hear Lies EP (Review)

Hip-Hop Saved Me. When I was younger, my family moved to a predominantly white area. Attending primary school was never an easy experience, especially when you’re the only Asian in the class. I never seemed to relateĀ to anyone, due to this, I began to get bullied that I no longer wanted to be present. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t bring attention to myself, and honestly, I was pretty influenced by my peers; I just wanted to fit in and pass my classes. Around this time is when I first discovered hip-hop, the likes of Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, TLC, Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Nas and many more. It made me feel sane, similar to At Last. The music and the culture gave me the knowledge and the self-love not to let the opinions of others affect me.

For, At Last, being a young black man from anĀ inner city, there were and still are, countless pitfalls that came with being in such an environment. From sex to drugs to violence to police brutality and corruption within the government and system. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of proven ways to be sent to the grave when residing in such a neighbourhood. Hear Lies EP reflects the dark, sombre, and emotional state during a particular period when life was full of lows. Music was the instrument that allowed, At Last, to transform from a broken and lonely member of society to a confident, ambitious artist. He hopes to inspire others with this EP that we possess the power to change our lifestyles from lows to highs, it just depends on how much we want it.

One of Them

Stuck in a system that sees the masses as a statistic, distracting the public through moral panics, social media, and pop culture. Did the people really stand a chance at seeing their potential? Before judging those around you, ask yourself why do you have this perception of certain groups. Were you feed these or are they your sincere thoughts? In this track, At Last speaks about the experiences of being a young black man. Each verse is from the perspective of a different member of society, verse one is a self-educated man being harassed by stereotypes, resulting in the contemplation of the rewards of being a polite individual. Verse two speaks from an individual who’s feeling trapped in a system with no way of moving up, thus turning to illegal routes. The final perspective is a policeman who worked his way up the career chain, locked up his peers due to his job, all to survive and not become the stereotype.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Hear Lies EP, At Last, is sharing his story through varied sub-genres of Hip-Hop that makes the music authentic. It also allows a vast number of backgrounds to either relate or connect with the stories being shared. He’s definitely on the path to mastering the craft through his strong vocal presence on instrumentals, storytelling abilities, and rhythmic flows. Now all he needs is a good social media presence, music videos, and circulation of his work.

What are your views on the Hear Lies EP?

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